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Sá Rosas S.A.

Appears on the sequence of several others and began on 1915 with the original name of Vieira Pinto & Rosas.. 
Cork only appears later on a component of the manufacturing of a pioneer product, the folding cork mats for the bathrooms. 

Our company developes several natural cork products. The most important product were the articles related to the shoe industry, in the 50's the production of granulated cork as well other cork specialities started. 
Latelly we have specialized in the production of cork components used on the construction and repair of musical instruments and it is now the core product of our company.

We are one of the oldest granulated cork producers in Portugal specially in sealed and agglomerated cork, for wine and "Champaign" corks, three years ago we decided to re-introduce these product to our production line.
This has permitted to obtain a great technique and experience on developing mechanisms and perfecting more and more the production and quality aspects.



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